Thursday, March 25, 2010

☞ DWELL: 14 Convent Avenue Townhouse

One of the lower price townhouses in the market is surprisingly not a shell but the location comes with some compromises. The building on 14 Convent Avenue between 127th and 128th Street is just outside the boarder of Hamilton Heights and steps away from City College. The tricky part is that the exposed side of the building faces a massive open lot that the MTA uses as a terminal and then directly across from the building is a huge overgrown corner parcel that serves as the view. The window have been sealed and we assumed that it was in pretty distress condition based on the outside but recent interior images reveal some pretty amazing woodwork in the main foyer. Only about a five minute walk to the A,B,C,D express train on 125th Street so the location is pretty convenient. What's the price for the 3,040 square foot single family home? Starting at $575K, this might be a good bet for the entry level buyer with lots of vision. House photo by Ulysses


  1. Not a bad house but still a shell (even if the floors are still there i bet it needs everything). Maybe even do 3 or 4 unit multifam... still tho it needs to be a little cheaper... I'd also try to rent the side of the house to a sign company or something

  2. A shell in a very bad location. I love it when brokers photograph some old wood and expect people to overpay for BS,some brokers hold out their arms like jesus christ-they should just tell the truth about the buildings they are selling,tell they are shells,SRO,Rent stabilized,rent controlled,that is what they should say, instead of I LOVE HARLEM- it would save buyers like myself time,money,and stress.