Wednesday, March 10, 2010

☞ DWELL: 753 St. Nicholas Avenue Condos

One open lot that has also recently seen activity will actually become a distinct condominium on historic landmark nabe of Sugar Hill in West Harlem. The architect Michael Schmitt (who worked on the new development on the old carpenter's block at 150th Street) had to go through the landmarks commission to get this one started. The building is distinctly modern but has classic mixed stonework and an oriel bay window-like extension out front. The six floor, 11,500 square foot new building will have a single elevator inside and a total of 12 units. For those who thought they couldn't build modern in a landmark district, here's the proof that it can be done. The foundation was coming along quickly as of last week after what seemed like a year of inactivity (top photo). Check out the architect's website for more details: LINK or our original post on the carpenter's block around the corner from this property: LINK. The closest train to this location is the A,B,C,D at 145th Street. Current photo by Ulysses.


  1. Why are you charging so much for the above condo or coops. You should know that there are not many blackpeople have tis type of income to buy due to the fact only white people are making this tyop of income. You are clearly trying to keep black people out and bring back in the whites. You should be shame of yourselves.

  2. Is Ulysses color blind, instead of more luxury how about nice places for people that live in the area. The City Officials, Local Churches,and the people should stop the takes over of empty lots by developers, stop the illegal conversion of SRO's by wealthy East and West siders and let the people who settled the area over 40 years ago live peacefully-stop taking a persons room,apartment,house,empty lot and making it right for people with money,and calling it progress.

  3. Give me a break. This is NYC and your logic above is racist in itself. We live in a free market economy - otherwise known as capitalism. If you don't like it MOVE.

    I love this "Blacks don't have the income" Yeah? Well neither did working class Irish or Germans who lived on Upper East Side. How about the people who actually developed Harlem 100 years ago. The jews, Irish and Italians. What about them? They left. Shouldn't they be allowed to return.

    And how ignorant for you two above to say blacks don't have the income. There are middle and upper middle class black families moving into Harlem. Get a clue.

    There should be NO empty lots in Manhattan. Empty lots don't pay enough to the city in taxes in order to pay for the social welfare benefits that the community receives.