Friday, June 18, 2010

☞ INTRODUCING: Update for SpaHa Lounge?

There has been some action over at the former SpaHa Lounge space on Lexington, between 103rd and 104th Street this week. Earlier on, a brand new, boldly classic looking storefront was revealed and the primed facade was starting to get painted as of Tuesday. Yesterday, the store had a fresh coat of black paint on the exterior that now has handsome mouldings and paneled transoms on top.

The old SpaHa Lounge (last photo) at 1634 Lexington always perplexed us since it never really looked open and the business, even though it used the new moniker for the neighborhood (shorten for Spanish Harlem), looked quite old with a facade straight from the 1980's. It's unclear if this is an updated version of the space or a new business. Anyone with some inside info out there? The closest train to this corner of East Harlem is the 6 at 103rd Street. Current photos by Ulysses


  1. That place has been closed for at least a month.

    It was pretty small and I don't know if they ever got the amount of business they wanted.

    This may be a new place altogether.

  2. how dare you call it EAST harlem! you're so biased!

    (joking at the expense of our anti-segmenting of Harlem friend of course)

  3. "The Lexington Social" - the name newly painted in scrawling gold letters on the picture window, recently added Parisian style globe sconces to the exterior. I'll report more as I see it...