Wednesday, August 25, 2010

☞ WALK: The La Marqueta Bakery Row

About a year ago, the New York Times reported on how the city was trying to have bakery kitchens set up around the old La Marqueta section of East Harlem and we recently noticed the one that moved into the area. The city's Economic Development Corporation allocated $1 million to set up a shared kitchen in 4,000 square feet of commercial space which would be offered at below market rate to attract businesses to the area. We originally thought that this was going to be at the old La Marqueta under the Park Avenue elevated railroad tracks but it turns out that there are kitchens in the low-level commercial spaces on the east side of the tracks in the lower 120's (top photo).

One notable NYC business that has moved their baking operations uptown is the Fat Witch Bakery (lower photo). The area is strictly for production so there's no retail on this side of the street. CB9 in West Harlem has been trying to similarly zone part of Manhattanville for manufacturing but the recently failed Citaralla deal has been a set back: LINK. Read more about East Harlem's new bakery zone in last year New York Times: LINK.

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