Sunday, September 26, 2010

☞ REMEMBER: 141-145 East 103rd Street

The top photo circa 1931 shows the brownstones at 141-145 East 103rd Street (just west of Lexington) from the book When Harlem Was Jewish written by Jeffrey Gurock. As noted by the author, the sign just below the top floor reads "Workers! Your newspaper is the Morgen Freiheit." The sign over the door reads "Harlem Jewish Children's School, International Worker's Order."  The lower photo shows the same block today and one can see that number 141 was replaced by a low-level modern structure some times ago.  Otherwise, the pediment over the doorways of number 143 and 145 still exist today along with an added level on top of both buildings.  Current photo by Ulysses.


  1. Ulysses-- has this book been reprinted? It's a gazillion dollars on Amazon.

  2. That's my block! Awesome to see a photo of it from way back when. Thanks, guys! :-)