Wednesday, October 27, 2010

☞ DWELL: 276 West 127th Street in Contract

Townhouses facing public housing are a tough sell but probably afford a better discount for the right buyer.  Number 276 West 127th Street (between FDB/8th and ACP/7th) is a 17 foot wide SRO brownstone that went up on the market in March of this year for $695K and has since been reduced to $499K as of July.  Since early October, the fixer-upper has entered contract. The property that is part of a half dozen remaining brownstones on the block probably needs a complete overhaul and some of its neighbors are even in worst shape. On the plus side, the A,B,C,D express at 125th is only a couple of blocks away.


  1. Seems a fair price. I hope its neighbours are bought and renovated sooner rather than later.

  2. Interesting photo, the two houses are cookie cutter copies of each other however the doors, both seeming to be original are different.

  3. I remember when most blocks had many abandoned brownstones like these, now we see blocks of mostly restored homes. This block facing the projects was not one of the low hanging fruit and was ignored while other more desirable streets got the attention. Finally these homes are attracting investors and in time this will be another beautiful row of brownstones, one by one.