Monday, October 25, 2010

☞ INTRODUCING: The 163 Lenox Reveal

A reader sent in these photos of the restored building at 163 Lenox Avenue and 118th Street last week. When we ran into the contractor working on the building last year, he mentioned that it was an affordable co-op and that the previous residents would be returning. There are a few organizations out there that help Harlem renters become owners and that is always a good situation for any block.  Comparing photos with our original post, one can also see that the fire escapes have been removed and the cornice restored: LINK.   The restaurant Native probably will be doing much better once they get more visibility and some additional retail neighbors in at the storefronts that are finishing up next door.


  1. So happy to see they put a cornice on and did a sensitive restoration. I really had low expectations and was braced for the worst.

  2. I was on a high floor in a building the other day with this same view & was equally impressed - also very much impressed with the work done on the affordable co-ops.
    It will be great when that wall of wood finally comes down & it looks like it will be soon.

  3. What's going in on the street level? Looks like commercial space. If the units are made available to purchase, who has control and ownership of the commercial space? Looks great.

  4. I imagine HPD which does not bode too well as they already have a host of empty stores along that strip. But these do look quite nice so maybe they will move.

  5. Chris,

    sounds like the co-op will have control/ownership of the commercial space.

    Often organizations like Settlement Housing Fund ( Urban Homesteading Assistance Board ( assist co-ops in the renovation/conversion process and help find suitable shareholders/commercial lease holders.

  6. The co-op has ownership of the commercial spaces. Often organizations such as or
    are assigned by HPD to assist co-ops in the conversion or running of business. They can help find suitable shareholders or commercial tenants as well.