Monday, October 11, 2010

☞ INTRODUCING: The Red Rooster Takes Form

Quite a few folks have been mentioning the Gourmet magazine article on Marcus Samuelsson that was published last week and we noted that this one reveals a lot more on the Red Rooster interior design than previously mentioned in other features. The new 3,400 square foot (upper level), $2 million  restaurant located just a half block north of 125th Street on Lenox Avenue will have the interior overseen by prominent product designer Stephen Burks: LINK.  Mr. Burks is one of the few high profile African-American designers in his field and will eschew some of the bright confetti colors of previous works (3rd photo down, for Missoni) and add the warm browns, ambers and reds found in Harlem as the color theme to what seems to be forming into a contextual but  modern space.  Penny tiles will also be used as part of the interior finishing and we imagine this is an homage to the original Red Rooster in its 1950's incarnation: LINK.  As of recent, new signs have covered up the space advertising for locals to apply (click last photo to enlarge) and the Gourmet article states that the finishing touches are being put in place "a few weeks before open": LINK


  1. Would have preferred to see the interior design done by the more accomplished designer - African American and HARLEM resident Shiela Bridges. That would have also been consistent with his alleged commitment to "keep it local".

    The fact is New York’s Jack Shainman Gallery, represents designers Stephen Burks and chef Marcus Samuelsson. Truth in media would have stated this story as "Jack Shainman Gallery has determined one of their clients (S Burks) will be the designer for the other (M Sam)".

    This arrangement was "pre-cooked" (pardon the pun) by the company that represents both Mr. Burks and Marcus S. No crime in this, just would be nice for the public to be aware of the business construct truly at play and driving decision making.

  2. Boy Reynolds93, you really are out for blood on this guy aren't you? Although I'm ambivalent toward Marcus Samuelsson and pretty much any chef or individual with the word 'celebrity' in his title, I'm not necessarily going out of my way to ill will the success of their projects. Whereas, your repeated rant can be found on every single last mention of the chef in this blog. As if your feelings weren't all to familiar and clear the first 100 times you've posted them.

    We heard you. Loud and clear. Over and over and over again. For crying out loud, let it go already man, let it go.

  3. Fortunately or unfortunately, however one chooses to see this situation you are both right! But lets face it, no matter your opinion of Mr. Samuelsson or his cuisine philosophy or whatever else, The Red Rooster is a done deal.

    Lets all agree to collectively and in unison, wish this young brother well in his endeavour and perhaps patronize him on occasion. There is so much more in our beloved community that merits our bickering and I've got a list.

  4. Got to hand it to you Reynolds for even knowing this stuff. Not sure why there is a right for it to be made public knowledge though? It isn't as if public money is being used for this. Are we supposed to know every single detail about Marcus's business arrangements? The more I think about it, I really hope his web site was designed by a Harlem native. God forbid it was outsourced to a Brooklyn agency!

    I think Marcus is staying true to his word, but these are also business decisions that he is making and possibly Shiela Bridges and Marcus did not meet eye to eye creatively.

  5. How does the gallery represent an artist and a cook? I hope you aren't making this up. I do think Bridges does amazing work, at the end of the day I'm more excited for the place to open up than bent on nitpicking about every nonissue. Criticism is easy, especially when it's all made up.