Monday, October 11, 2010

☞ REVIVE: The Douglass Park Tops off

We have been watching the Douglass Park building at 128th Street and FDB/8th Avenue going up since last November and that structure just recently topped off in the past week or so.  This area of Central Harlem above 125th Street was what we imagined South Harlem looked like 15 years ago with a handful of abandoned buildings and huge vacant lots strewn about.  This new structure has definitely changed the feel of the immediate area and should greatly impact foot traffic with the ground floor retail spaces that will be set to lease.  The affordable rental building also has some intricate brickwork that harks back to more classical stylings and the construction team had set up model site in a nearby lot to show the technique needed for the contrasting accent details (last photo).  Another building called The Balton, which is the sister development, is located on the other side of this lot at St. Nicholas Avenue but has a more unique corner tower that is taking slightly more time to finish: LINK. Otherwise, the Spring 2011 opening date for both structure seem to be a reasonable goal to reach.  See our past post on the progress of this new development: LINK

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