Tuesday, October 19, 2010

☞ REMEMBER: The Rehearsal at 323 West 138th

There was an old article in the Times from 1990 that had one of Josephine Baker's adopted sons discuss his research of La Revue Negre and mentioned how he dropped by the house that the dancers rehearsed in.  One of the producers of the show that La Baker performed in was still alive and mentioned that they had rehearsed in the basement of 323 West 138th Street which we later discovered was on the block between Edgecombe and FDB/8th Avenue.  We imagined a typical brownstone block but one can see from the top image that the red brick townhouses were quite distinct.  The last house on the left with the turret tower is apparently the famous building.  Check the rest of the Times article for more details on the biography of one of Harlem's great legends: LINK

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