Tuesday, November 23, 2010

☞ EAT: Sneak Peek of the Triangle Cafe

We first noticed that the little flatiron Triangle Building at 121st Street and FDB/8th Avenue had some permits up back in January for a new cafe to open but the space has mostly been dormant for 2010.  In the past month or so, some activity was seen at the commercial space in 2230 FDB and we also noticed new craft paper up on the windows (which used to be painted over white).  The last photo down is a shot of newly finished oak panel bar area inside that we were able to get a view of when recently passing by the new eatery.  It's going to be called the Triangle Cafe since the space is indeed the shape of a triangle and this corner would definitely be perfect for cafe tables on the 2 sides of the building.  If they move along quickly enough, maybe this place will be open sometimes in early 2011?


  1. Can't wait for this place to open. Hope there are plenty of places to sit etc. I think it will also have a beneficial knock on effect for new condo development opposite.

  2. I hope the entrepreneurs behind this venture have a sense of style and taste. The "smoothies, wraps, salads" menu gives me pause; there are plenty of generic places like that all over mid-town that attempt to be au courant but miss the mark totally.

  3. Yeah, I agree Scott. I am a little hesitant also. Would be nice if it was along the lines of the place around the corner of 110th & FDB. Relaxed with great food/coffee.