Tuesday, February 22, 2011

☞ DWELL: 233 West 113th Street Sold in January

When the 16 foot wide townhouse located east of FDB/8th on 113th Street went up on the market in early fall of 2009, we thought it would be one of those buildings that would sit on the market for some time since it needed so much work and the price was on the high side. The original asking price was an ambitious $1.379 million for a 2-family home which had details but lacked any upgrades to its infrastructure (it's the orange brick house to the far left of the top photo).  There was also the case of the government-owned tenement housing facing the backyard which had been bricked up for several years and might have turned off some potential home buyers. A neighboring house at number 221 needed the same amount of work done to it sold last year within 5 months and received the full asking price of $975K.  So how much did this townhouse with great bones but in need of a thorough renovation go for?  Public records now show the final sale price landed at $1.35 million.  Thoughts?

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