Wednesday, March 30, 2011

☞ DWELL: 241 West 132nd Street in Contract

It took about a year for the Central Harlem townhouse at 241 West 132nd Street to make any movement but the 3-family home finally went into contract last month.  At 16 foot wide, the townhouse is on the narrow side but the building is apparently fully rented out with market rate tenants.  Reportedly the owner's duplex will be available some times in 2011 so the timing looks right on this one. Pricing originally was set at $1.55 million but that asking eventually reduced down to $1.42 million by Summer 2010.  As the interior photos shows, the infrastructure has been recently upgraded but there's not too much detail inside.  Better amenities are sparse on the FDB/8th and ACP/7th Avenue sides surrounding this block but subways are less than a 10 minute walk in either direction.


  1. I’m pretty sure this is actually a 4 family. Maybe not legally, but it does have 4 separate apartments. I'm also sure hoping they got there asking price.
    It is clear to me that you, the author of this article, live nowhere near this block and as such have very little knowledge of our amenities. We are flanked on both sides by grocery stores and buses to the East and West sides. There is a local coffee house, a public library, Yatenga, The shrine. We have the best jazz music at the American Legion. You can often see Dougie Fresh at his name sake restaurant. We are also 2 blocks from the park. Sure I have to walk a couple of blocks to go to the movie theater or have brunch but it is worth it to live on such an amazing block. To who ever purchased this property welcome to the neighborhood and I cannot wait to meet you

  2. Corey, I was actually wondering about Dougie and his restaurant. I plan to give it a go, but wasn't sure if it was still open. Have you tried it?

  3. Chris—not really off topic because there is a fireplace in this photo but in another thread you were yearning for a fireplace. . . have you considered installing a gas fireplace? Relatively inexpensive.

  4. It’s open and Doug E is always in there. A few weeks ago Iced T was spotted as well. Not that I knew who either of those people were until moving here.
    I think the food is pretty good. I like the Jerk chicken. The only problem is the food is not made to order so it’s best to go there when they first open. The staff is great though.
    I have a fireplace and never use it. The wood is expensive and you have to carry it home. I mainly put candles in mine.

  5. One of the nice things about gas fireplaces. . . nothing to tote. I actually use mine as my primary heat source.

  6. Stanley McIntoshApril 1, 2011 at 8:04 AM

    As President of the block association, Neighbors United of West 132nd Street Block Associaton (NUW) and having a family history (two generations) on the block of over 73 year, I am proud to say that 132nd st. between Adam Clayton Powell and Frederick Douglass Blvds. is one of the best blocks in Central Harlem. The block has mature tall trees, tree guards that were designed by one of the residents and paid for with money raised by NUW. We have seen our nadir and residents have worked hard to make this block attractive and of great interest to potential home buyers. We all look forward to our annual flower planting ritual and have been supported by Starbucks and other institutions. NUW,and under its predecesssor organization, Central Harlem Association of Small Homeowners and Small Businessmen, has over 56 years of history, civic activism and fought Robert Moses the arcitech of neighborhood destruction who wanted to tear down the brownstones in the days of urban renewal (Negro removal). NUW has it account at M & T bank and we try to have regularly scheduled meeting usually with a guest speaker. We are proud and consider ourselves one of the building blocks of the ascendant new harlem

    Stanley McIntosh, President
    Neighbors United of West 132nd Street Block Association

  7. Westsider—yeah. They have to be. Had to build soffits for the two in the front as they are positioned in the middle of the rooms where fireplaces once stood. The two in the back (one in the kitchen is a small cast iron job) vent out directly. There were no longer chimneys extant.

    Vents are large and unsightly but through the miracle of Home Depot spray-on brownstone paint they are really not noticeable.

  8. Eco-Smart fireplaces, which do not require venting and burn clean, smokeless denatured alcohol are a wonderful alternative to wood or gas- burning fireplaces. They come in many styles, can be inserted into existing openings or newly constructed enclosures and even come in freestanding models. Great for urban environments.