Thursday, September 29, 2011

☞ REVIVE: New Windows at 505 West 144th

One of the lower priced SRO buildings that sold last year in Hamilton Heights appears to be coming along with its renovations.  Number 505 West 144th Street  is located just west of Amsterdam Avenue and now has new windows in place as can be seen in the lower photo.  So what is going on with this townhouse?  Based on DOB permits filed, the building used to be a 10-unit SRO but the new owners are now converting the home into a 4-family residence. This appears to have been an estate sale and the new owners are based in New Jersey so this might eventually be a flip or rental property.


  1. That's spooky... I JUST took a picture of that house this past weekend... We bid on that place and then backed out before getting an accepted offer. We called it the piss & shit house - 'cause a previous caretaker had a guard dog he didn't walk on a regular basis and the place reeked. The place had character... If it were on a different block we probably would have bought it. I hope the new owner doesn't rip out the character in the renovation...

  2. I live on that block actually, and our block is great with all its new trees etc. :-P