Thursday, October 20, 2011

☞ REVIVE: Back at the Bailey Mansion

It has been well over a year since the renovation of the Bailey Mansion started at St. Nicholas Place by 150th Street and the facade restoration seems to be taking some time to finish up.  The top photo shows what the house that belonged to the business partner of P.T. Barnum used to look like back in May 2010 and the lower image is that of a new arrival on site.  Actually, the ball finial on top of the tower might have been just restored but it is now strikingly bronze in color.  The original ornament had a verdigris, green patina to it so it is unclear wether the one on site now is a replication or not.  This limestone mansion also has a remarkable selling history since it originally was up for $10 million in late September 2008 and would eventually sell a year later for an all cash deal of $1.4 million in 2009.


  1. Great News !

    WHAT I didn't know the selling history !!! WHAT A STEAL !! Timing is EVERYTHING ! Who Bought it ? Is he single ?? LOL ! WOW what a deal...

    I keep trying to get a look inside...I see it every day when I am in NYC, but have not seen anyone working...

    I'll keep trying....

  2. Not sure what to make of that transaction. I suppose the 1.4 million in cash equates to 4-5 million for a regular mortgage (just my non-scientific numbers). The inside was a wreck and probably required a near gut renovation.

    Magical place though and wish more like this were saved.

    Here is a video if anybody is interested:

  3. Thanks Chris..

    Interesting video ! It is so great learning about my neighborhood...

  4. thanks for the video link. Damn but it’s gorgeous.