Wednesday, October 26, 2011

☞ REVIVE: A Ground View of Manhattanville Site

Anyone who has ever taken a ride on the elevated 1 train at 125th Street has seen the construction of the new Columbia Manhattanville Campus in progress via an ariel view but pedestrians now have a chance to take a peek at ground level.  This section north of Broadway and 125th Street has been obstructed by plywood fences for over a year now but small windows have been added in recent months for the benefit of curious onlookers.

Walking by the site in the last week, we snapped the lower photo which shows all the groundwork still at hand for the first section of new campus and one can see that the last holdout building is still standing at the center of the photo.  Signs up on the surrounding plywood walls have announced that demolition and abatement would be finished by Summer 2011 but it appears all the prep works is still in progress at this point: LINK.  Click on lower photo to enlarge.

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