Friday, November 11, 2011

☞ DWELL: 24 Hamilton Terrace Townhouse

OPEN HOUSE: Sunday, November 13th, By Appointment Only.  One of the landmark townhouse on Hamilton Terrace is up on the market for the asking of $1.4 million.  The 16-foot-wide home at 24 Hamilton Terrace (at right of photo) is on one of the more charming blocks in Hamilton Heights and the lower asking price is part of a short sale that has to be approved by a bank if a buyer comes along.  More photos after the jump.

This single-family townhouse appears to have a lot of restored details with a total of 3,840 square foot of space altogether. Lack of kitchen or bath photos might indicate that additional renovation might be needed to get the house up to date.  Express trains are a five minute walk to 145th street since the location is roughly north of 141st Street and there are are some commercial amenities at that particular transportation hub.  More details and contact at the broker site: LINK


  1. Just Lovely !!! Simple but a lot of possibilities ! Not to far from my Harlem place.... so close yet so far !!

  2. This will sell in no time. Hamilton Terrace is probably the most beautiful street in Harlem. At least it's my personal favorite. :)