Tuesday, November 15, 2011

☞ REVIVE: Storefronts at the Victoria

There has not been much news as far as updates on the restoration of the Victoria Theater on 125th Street but there seems to have been some activity within one of the storefronts in the past weeks.  Walking by the shop at the east side of the theater, we noticed a crew of workers inside the storefront that usually has its security gate rolled down.

As expected, the interior is pretty bombed out at the former Puppy's Leather Outlet but some workers had been seen inside taking measurements. We never looked at the signage out front before but noticed that that it was a shop for large sizes with a motto of  "Eat what you want...then come see Puppy..."  We have not heard any more updates on the new design of planned residential tower and hotel so it appears that all the activity might be just preliminary measuring of the shop interiors.


  1. I don't understand the empty store fronts on 125th. I have stood in huge lines at the Marshalls, Old Navy, and H&M. These stores don't seem to be hurting for business. Why not a TJ Max, Home Goods, Ross, Burlington,anything?we may not like the idea of being over run by discount box stores but the reality is, these stores are busy. They appeal to the old residents, the new residents, and the tourists.

  2. CJS, agreed, 125th could support more retail. The current big box model seems to be the multi floor concrete plaza with parking garage like the Gateway Center in the Bronx or the East River Plaza on 117th street. These plazas thankfully draw the big box stores away from the likes of 125th street leaving 125th available for mom and pop stores. Personally I would like to see a Trader Joes and Barnes and Nobel on 125th Street.

  3. That Puppies sign is AMAZING! I really hope someone salvages it.