Wednesday, December 21, 2011

☞ DWELL: 243 West 120th Sold in September

An SRO shell that has been vacant since it was sold for $911.9K back in 2005 has finally exchanged ownership and might eventually be fixed up sooner than later.  The property at 243 West 120th Street is just east of St. Nicholas Avenue in South Harlem and had an initial asking price of $695K back in June and now records show that final sale price was set at $620K.  This derelict 17-foot-wide building is probably one of the worst ones on the block so converting this former SRO will definitely be an improvement for the neighborhood.


  1. This sale must be a huge relief to neighbors who have lived with this abandoned building for years, hope the new owners fix it up, it has an interesting façade that could look great.

  2. One year ago and the renovations are nearly done!!!!!!!