Thursday, December 29, 2011

☞ EAT: Sherman's BBQ's Last Stand

The 60 year old chain of Sherman's BBQ may be finished if the last storefront closes up in the new year.  Local media have been reporting on how the health code violations have prevented the shop from opening and placed the takeout joint on ACP/7th at 145th Street into debt: LINK.  Sherman Hibbitt originally started the chain in 1948 with several sit down restaurants throughout Harlem. Many local and international celebrities have visited the other (now shuttered) Sherman's branches over the years but Mr. Hibbitt's daughter is now running the last vestige of the the BBQ empire and is in need of a backer to keep it open.  Read our past post on the famous Sherman's location that the Beatles dined at with a local girl group called the Ronettes: LINK


  1. This disturbs me to no end. I truly wish I could do something but am powerless. I've been eating Sherman's Barbecue since conception. One of my brothers lives in Albany and will drive down just to get a plate of ribs & spaghetti and then drive back to Albany.

    I have a photo ca. 1967 of some kids eating in the West 165th Street Sherman's after their First Communion, some of the little girls got the sauce on their pretty white dresses and one actually managed to get some on her veil! LOL!

    It was the same with Majesters, the fried fish joint that was on the corner of Lenox & W. 128th Street. People would line up all the way down to 126th St. just for that fish. I met a woman there once who had drove all the way from Delaware for the Majester's fried fish.

    The old time Soul Food flavor is gone once Sherman's calls it a day. Yes, I know we still have Sylvia's but its not the same. Its a tourist trap yet they try.

  2. When Martha Stewart did her Harlem show a few years ago I wish she had gone to Sherman's. It may have done Sherman's good. Her endorsement of Famous Fish set them up nice.

  3. The Ronettes were hardly 'a local girl group"

  4. Sounds like she needs a bit of dough to take care of these fines. Must be somebody out there with a few k to invest? Not me ha.