Tuesday, January 17, 2012

☞ DWELL: 56 Hamilton Terrace Sold in December

The landmark townhouse at 56 Hamilton Terrace finally sold officially back in December based on public records.  Initially on the market for $1.65 million back in March of 2010, the Hamilton Heights brownstone with a lot of preserved woodwork would be reduced down to $1.59 million a year later and finally found an interested buyer last week. This 18 foot wide, single-family home (center building) located roughly at 142nd Street has a total of 3,746 square feet, 4-bedrooms, three baths and seven working fireplaces. The broker for this property even had a fashion exhibit in the building to drum up interested buyers but at the end of the day, the property sold for $1.1 million which is a substantial discount from the asking price.


  1. I know it is still OVER a MILLION Dollars (!) but still, doesnt that sound liek a very good deal.....? its in move in condition......original details, etc.....what gives?

  2. I guess location? I think it’s beautiful. Wonder if they threw in the big gold frame. . .

  3. great location, unfortunate renovation. Kitchen was circa 1970, bad sheetrock corners everywhere, rooms destroyed by removal of walls. Not a good job.

  4. Oh. Pity. It looks so gorgeous in the picture.

  5. removal of walls = loft like.

    Buyers today like that.

    Is Harlem slidding backwards?