Tuesday, February 28, 2012

☞ INTRODUCING: Public Art on Lenox

The artist Montserrat Daubon just had a public art proposal accepted by the city and the metal sculpture will be installed on the Lenox Avenue median by 124th Street in June.  A Kickstarter project page has now been started to raise the full $7,500 needed for the public sculpture and over half the money has now been raised.  Check out the above video and go to the official Kickstarter site for more details on the end of March deadline: LINK


  1. Art in public places beautifies much of this City from Wall Street to Park Avenue, Times Square and more. With our glorius wide boulevards here in Harlem, it's a natural that we would finally get art in our public spaces. Thank you for the Artists who are trying to make this possible. I hope we all support their efforts.

  2. I second that. The median (mall) that divides Broadway avenue is also peppered with some very awesome metal scultpures by Peter Woytuk from Columbus Circle up to 166St and it even has an audio tour component built into it. I'm sure this project will be just as innovative if not more so.

  3. I third that !

    living part time in Paris as well as Harlem, I miss the endless pubic displays of in the city of lights ! It is about time that Harlem with it's endless artists have the opportunity to show and inspire all of us ! Parfait !!

  4. I for one will be donating to this cause because as i drive down Park Ave I always wondered why Harlem, which also has great Blvds, does not get these great works of art.

    I hope that this and many more pieces will be produced and that many more will follow.