Friday, February 24, 2012

☞ REVIVE: The Central Harlem Reno New Bath

Last time we checked out the Central Harlem renovation house, the drywall was all pretty much in but not much else had arrived. Returning a couple of months later, the master bath appears to be coming together. The walls are now covered with white marble subway tiles and the floors have a some impressive basket weave pattern to them.  Check out the work-in-progress photos after the jump.

A clawfoot cast iron tub ads a nice classic touch to the interior and cabinets under a marble console updates the space while still being contextual.  Sconces are also period appropriate for a townhouse bath and they also provide a more flattering light than typical overhead sources.  Final bespoke touches such as the marble chair rail tiles make this one of the best classic-meets-modern update that we have seen in some times.


  1. Looking good and great tile choice. I think it worthwhile to splurge on the bathroom finishes, especially having a larger bathroom like this.

  2. Lovely bathroom! Sorry about the minor quibble, but it doesn't look like a clawfoot tub.