Thursday, February 9, 2012

☞ REVIVE: Progress at 192 Lenox Avenue

One Bespoke reader sent in the tip that activity has started up again at 162 Lenox Avenue which has been boarded up for a few years now:

"A crew was inside removing debris and the wood over the second floor window has been removed. I had the opportunity to walk through this building last year and the inside is in very good shape from some preliminary work that had been performed recently. All the interior brick was repointed and every floor was framed out with new metal studs for floor-through apartments. There is also a new roof. It would be great if someone is going forward and redoing this building."

We checked out DOB permits for this local landmark in the Mount Morris Park Historic District and the conversion appears to be for a 4-unit residential model.  This section of Lenox just south of 120th Street has some amazing architecture but appears to have had a few shells laying around dormant for some times.  Let's hope this one gets fixed up sooner than later.


  1. I was inside. It has had a lot of work down without permits (dont think there are any approved plans) and has been sitting open for years, so it's taken some steps backwards. Outer walls seem to be falling apart - this still needs some structural work.

    I also understand its in foreclosure, so unlikely anyone is doing work.

    However, some art gallery just panted the wood gate... That's probably the work that was done.

  2. These are such beautiful buildings. It's a shame they are in such visible disrepaid. These could make beautiful floor through lofts since I'm assuming there is no detail left on the inside to preserve.. That said, I'd love to see the hardware store next door stay in business even through the renovation of the other buildings.

  3. This is the best area of Harlem, which translates into higher priced real estate...probably why it took so long

  4. Great part of Harlem - agreed it is one of the best. But that should not stop growth. This group of houses is a basket case...