Tuesday, March 20, 2012

☞ REVIVE: 467 West 140th Street Townhouse

The set of bow-front townhouse by architect George Ebert at 467-475 West 145th Street have been going under renovations (compare top to lower photo) in the past couple of years but the first house on the landmark row is now in jeopardy of being demolished.  We have been informed that as early as this week, the DOB is planning on demolishing the building built in 1902 because of it being a "safety hazard."  A couple of the townhouses have been renovated already within this row but it is unclear why nothing has happened to Number 467 (which is apparently city-owned) at this point and why the DOB has decided to step in and tear down the building.  Last year a similar situation happened on 149th Street but the neighbors blocked the DOB demolition by calling the Landmarks Commission: LINK.

All of those interested in protecting this block should call Chair Tierney of the  Landmarks Preservation Commission at 212-669-7855 to voice their concern on this sudden demolition by the city.  The other question at hand is why does the city hang on to historic properties if they can not fix them up?  Selling this shell quickly to a proper homeowner would have prevented any further deterioration of this building located in a historic neighborhood.


  1. where are you people ???

    This is an outrage! of course the building is in bad shape - its owned by the worst landlord of all= the city of new york.
    City , there are plenty of people who would buy it , stabilize the property and restore it! unbelievable!!! lets get a petition going now before its too late.....how about on change. org

  2. I think they "hung on to it" because they couldn't find the owners. Someone just told me they're trying to find a non-profit to take it over and then find a buyer. The house has $120,000 due in back taxes and needs to be stabilized with a new roof and beams. Apparently, if such a plan is put forth, the city will put off demolition. How come it's so hard to find any information on these properties? Is there a good place to look? I'd like to keep tabs on this building (I live near by).