Tuesday, March 13, 2012

☞ SHOP: Dog Boutique Arriving at 1400 Fifth

There have been mixed reactions to the arrival of the Bleu Violin lounge at 1400 Fifth Avenue's lower commercial space but another shop that will soon open should be a pleasant addition to most.  Walking by the empty storefront on West 116th between Fifth and Lenox, we noticed that a new dog boutique is set to open soon.  Doggedly Devoted just has a simple sign up on the store window now and apparently will be opening sometimes this summer. www.DoggedlyDevoted.com.  Read more about the other businesses within this building called Bleu Violin in our past post: LINK


  1. There is another pet shop in the making on Lenox between 120th and 119th....must be the thing to do right now.

  2. This is the exact type of mixed use retail we need on this side of Harlem; and specifically on this street. I hope there is enough foot traffic to sustain it. The Kalahari will be a big driver of its success.