Monday, April 30, 2012

☞ EAT: Cafes and Tourists in Harlem

Walking down Lenox Avenue this weekend at 119th Street, we noticed that the local coffee shop called Il Caffe Latte had a line to get in and many tourist milling about as well as locals from the neighborhood.  As the warmer weather comes in the next following weeks, the tourist traffic appears to picking up and some of the area cafes are benefitting from this influx of foreign visitors. Il Caffe Latte opened a few years ago and has provided moderate prices with decent food offerings in a classically designed interior.  This formula seems to work and more cafe have now appeared on the upper sections of Lenox Avenue just this past year.


  1. Ill café Latte is a success as it covers so many bases, from coffee to brunch to desert to lunch to dinner all with good service and the well designed interior, you can go there any time and Ill café Latte has something to offer. I think brunch is their busiest time, good to see they are popular and deservedly so.

  2. I agree! I am always pleased by the quality of food, the choice of offerings, and ambiance.

  3. I too am a huge fan of cafe Latte, the owner is constantly there, works hard and keeps her staff in check. She is also no nonsense and this is what is needed to have a well run establishment.