Wednesday, May 23, 2012

☞ DWELL: 133 West 122nd Street Sold in May

Number 133 West 122nd Street went into contract back in February and records now show that the house in the Mount Morris Park Historic District has sold for $2.2 million.  The most recent asking price was set $2.395 million for the 17-foot-wide townhouse with the Queen Anne style facade and apparently a notable novelist is moving in very soon with her husband: LINK.  This single-family, five bedroom, five bath, 4,500 square foot building has all the modern underpinnings with the original details intact. Express 2,3 trains are close by at 125th Street and the boutique shops of the Mount Morris Park Historic District are only a block away. More details and interior photos can be found at the broker site: LINK


  1. Fantastic to see another 2+ million house sold in Harlem. Beautiful block. In addition, I think the LEED building on the same block sold for $2,175,000 in April.

  2. Good to see a writer buying into Harlem, I find that Harlem’s stigma from it’s recent history is a blessing as it acts as a filter attracting individuals who are more creative and capable of seeing beyond Harlem’s negative reputation. I hope the new occupants will appreciate and protect this fabulous home with all it’s details.