Tuesday, May 29, 2012

☞ DWELL: 351 West 120th Sold for Asking

Apparently the house at 351 West 120th Street that went into contract quickly belonged to Marcia Gay Harden and has now closed for the orginal asking price of $2.75 million. The Oscar winner raised her family at the 18-foot-wide house covered in ivy for almost 10 years but has recently divorced and thus the house sale. This single-family home located a block away from Morningside Park is another record sale for Harlem within the mid two million range and the picture perfect interiors along with the townhouse's notable pedigree probably helped: LINK.  Read more in the Observer: LINK

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  1. I like the two over two windows, also the ivy looks great but is terrible for the masonry. This sale was successful due to the combination of classic style and high end finishes.