Monday, June 18, 2012

☞ DWELL: 227 Lenox Sold Above Asking

The 26-foot-wide building formerly used as a church at 227 Lenox Avenue has now sold over the original $400K asking price according to public records released in April.  A bankruptcy auction was scheduled for February this year but a few readers who showed up to the January open house reported that the property already had an interested buyer and the broker basically turned the crowd away. Apparently the landmark building in the Mount Morris Park Historic District at 121st Street automatically found a buyer right away and the final selling price was set at $1.351 million.  This property will probably have to have a full interior renovation and the larger scale building could either work as a condo conversion or multi-family home.


  1. So it sold at 3 times the asking? Hmmmm

  2. Well, the ask was almost comically low.

  3. This was a scam, the action house should be ashamed of themselves. The whole idea of a action is to get the best price. I have heard that the new owners have just refused a 2.5 Million offer.Sounds like not much has changed in Harlem real estate.

  4. why did they start with the artificially low price?

    and why did the sell for less then market.

    this whole deal does not pass the smell test.

    what is the true story?