Friday, June 22, 2012

☞ DWELL: 476 West 142nd Street Townhouse

OPEN HOUSE: Sunday, June 24th, by appointment only.  Number 476 West 142nd Street just arrived on the market and will be having its first open house this weekend. This 17-foot-wide home is asking for $2.695 million and is located adjacent to Convent Avenue's picturesque historic district in Hamilton Heights.  The townhouse appears to have been converted from an SRO at one point and all the infrastructure seems to be updated but the interior is pretty much for the minimalist minded.  Express trains at 145th Street are a good 8 minute walk away but the view along the course is one of the best of in town.  More interior photos and appointment information can be found on the broker site: LINK


  1. I think this was on a house tour once, amazing space, the owner is an artist.

  2. What an august and imposing facade!