Wednesday, June 20, 2012

☞ READ: More Corner Social in the News

The New York Post has a pretty good article on the outdoor dining scene on upper Lenox that has recently changed the blocks just north of 125th Street.  Corner Social becomes the new main focus of the media since it opened a couple of months ago and has instantly become packed every day and night. Of course the Red Rooster has set the scene in the past couple of years since celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson decided to open up his revival of a former Harlem speakeasy.  Not given much credit is Chez Lucienne which debuted an outdoor cafe just around the corner from 125th Street a few years earlier and has since become popular with a diverse demographic of Harlem residents.  Read more in the Post: LINK


  1. Great NY Post article, although a few details are amiss, I agree with the authors statement: "But Rooster has energized everything around it. The intersection of Lenox and 125th, served by the 2 and 3 trains and the M103 bus, suddenly feels like uptown’s capital corner, on the brink of a revolution that will bring new stores as well as places to eat." Also, Chez Lucienne should get some more credit as it was the pioneer of this booming restaurant row, not counting Sylvias.

    1. Totally agree with your comment about Chez Lucienne. They are the original pioneers of the (new) restaurant row on Lenox & 125 and have stuck it out for quite some years. I'm glad (and hope) they are reaping the rewards in this new booming season.

  2. So much for the "Lenox Lounge" jousting over a name!!! LOL :)