Wednesday, October 24, 2012

☞ DWELL: 371-373 Manhattan Still in Contract

It has been over a year now and the old church at 371-373 Manhattan Avenue still appears to be in contract.  This property located just right below 116th Street in South Harlem is in a prime location and went into contract last July when the price was reduced down to $1.4 million.  Seeing that the building consist of two former townhouse parcels, one would imagine that this could be quite a deal for the developer or homeowner who wants a lot of space but somehow this transaction does not seem to have worked out just yet.  Does anyone have any more information on what is going on with th sale of the former house of worship?  More details on the broker site: LINK


  1. I'm a buyer at $1.4. Short lots, but pretty wide...

  2. Sold and closed for $1.2M on April 26, 2013.