Tuesday, November 6, 2012

☞ BESPOKE: An Eye for Original Details

The inside of a townhouse is just as important as the outside and some of the fast selling homes in Harlem notably have character throughout.  At top is a photo of a designer house on West 150th that went into contract within 3 weeks last year and is an example of how restored details mixed with modern upgrades can enhance the value of one's property: LINK.  This modest sized single-family townhouse was set a low asking price  but some of $2 million record holders provide an idea of the renovations that brownstone buyers at this price point have been looking for.

At the middle, one can see the Fifth Avenue brownstone in Central Harlem that was one of the first to break the $2 million mark in the past couple of years.  This was an architect's home that had upgraded all the systems to be modern but the feel of the interiors space remained true to the heritage of the house.

Finally, the lower photo shows actress Marcia Gay Harden's house in South Harlem which sold for $2.75 million this year.  Contextual but modest detailing makes this home inviting but the prime location probably helped it sell at one of the highest price point.  All of the highest selling townhouses in the past couple of years have all been renovated and retain a majority of details (or have renovations that allude to that aesthetic) so renovators take note.

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  1. All of these three homes are beautiful, my favorite being that with the natural wood doors and what looks like very good door hardware. You do not have to be an expert to recognize quality restoration work, but it helps to understand the effort that goes into creating something like this. When you walk into a home like these, a multi million dollar price tag seems appropriate when compared to a modern luxury condo.