Monday, December 3, 2012

☞ DWELL: 239 West 120th Street SRO

An SRO at 239 West 120th Street is currently up on the market for $850K.  This 16-foot-wide brownstone in a desirable South Harlem location might be priced on the lower end for the area but there apparently are 3 tenants still in place and no Certificate of Non Harassment to be found.  This probably would only be an ideal situation for an investor who is comfortable owning this type of property but apparently there is a bit of original detail left on the interior.  More information can be found on Streeteasy: LINK

1 comment:

  1. Great location! and now that the brownstone two doors over that used to house cats and whatnot has been renovated the immediate neighborhood is definitely indicative of an ideal location. Ultimately with things as they are it seems ideal for an owner occupier to be attracted to this place.