Friday, December 7, 2012

☞ EAT: Activity at Harlem Shake on Lenox

More activity was seen over by the future Harlem Shake site at 124th Street and Lenox.  Earlier in the month, the new eatery applied for a beer and wine license and construction looks like it will be coming along rather quickly.  This new restaurant reportedly will offer better burgers and shakes at reasonable prices alongside the more adult beverages.  We have not seen what the final storefront design will look like but there is a great neon liquor sign at the top of the shop space which adds a little character and might cool to retain.  Read more about Harlem Shake in our past post: LINK


  1. Letter to the owner of Harlem Shake,
    You need to make this meal seem like a deal. If your burger and fries are going to taste like 5Guys but I have to spend $15 (not including alcoholic beverage,) then I won't come to your place. A beer needs to be $5 or less, unless your offering a pint, and not the same lousy domestic type as Harlem Tavern. A microbrew on tap, perhaps. A glass of wine cannot be $10. Even if it's $8 I'll think twice about paying that.
    If you want me to frequent your place once a week, I want it to cost $15 max. That includes burger, fries, and an alcoholic beverage. Otherwise I will visit, maybe, once a month, if that.
    The thing about people in Harlem, even the new landed gentry, is that we've come to Harlem for space and a good value. We have kitchens where we can cook. Make your restaurant too expensive, and I'll throw a dinner party instead. I can make a meal for 4 for $30 and a beer costs $1.50 from the bodega. A whole bottom of wine is $10. Your food needs to be something I can't easily do at home. And remember, Jimbo's is right across the street. I can get a decent burger and excellent fries there for $5. Enough with the overpriced restaurants popping up everywhere. Like I said, I'll pay more if I can't do it myself. A home cooked meal I can do myself.

    1. Couldn't have put it better myself! Thank you, Darlene!

  2. Dear Darlene,
    you have many good points, butI am not sure why you presume we will be overpriced. I live on 126th st and m a single mother of two. I know the value of good value. DarDra has lived in Harlem her whole life and understands what Harlem needs.
    I invite you to come in once we are open and check out everything before you make any conclusions, and you can tell us personally what you think.