Saturday, December 29, 2012

☞ QUESTION: Local Brownstone Facade Repair?

A Bespoke brownstone owner has inquired if anyone knew of a contractor local to Harlem to repair and paint their building's facade. Any recommendations out there amongst the home renovators?


  1. Greg Carey is a great contractor right here in Harlem on Lenox Avenue near 121st street.

    Greg specializes in brownstone renovation and has a fantastic team working with him. He is on the board of the Mount Morris Park Community Improvement Association.

    His website is under development but there are examples of the work they do and contact information at:

  2. Here is my referral comments to answer your Question: Local Brownstone Facade Repair? Z. Abedine Brooklyn, New York Contractor is licensed and has 20+ years of experience specializing in brownstone landmark facade restorations both in Brooklyn and Harlem.

    Z. Abedine will give you a free estimate. He is not cheap but affordable. He is known for quality work. Over the years Z. Abedine has repaired and restored most of the brownstones in Bedford-Stuyvesant/Stuyvesant Heights and many in Harlem.

    Z. Abedine can be contacted at # 347-201-5921.