Friday, January 25, 2013

☞ INTRODUCING: Ellington on the Park Sells Out

Ellington on the Park at 148th Street and Bradhurst Avenue has sold out the remaining market rate units according to a recent press release.  This mixed income building had a 133-units in total with the majority listed as affordable which sold quickly initially.  The last 10 market rate apartments sold in 2012 and thus the building facing Jackie Robinson Park is another success story in the revitalization of Harlem's housing stock.  This is a big difference from over a couple of decades ago when Harlem's population was rapidly declining and the government had to give away uptown brownstones to anyone who wanted them: LINK

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  1. New York City needs more and more middle to upper middle class developments, where apartments are subsidized to be lower than market for families making up to $250K. Why? Because that way NYC can retain these families and their tax dollars that go to the city instead having the family move out to the suburbs. I hope more and more developments like that fill in still too many vacant lots in Harlem.