Thursday, January 10, 2013

☞ REMEMBER: 145th and Convent Ave c. 1910

An archival photo from 1910 shows the landmark Convent Avenue Section of Hamilton Heights in West Harlem.  The lower photo shows the same corner today and not much has really changed in the past 100 years except for a tall building that was constructed on the east side of the avenue.  Today, those same trees are much taller and the electrical post are no longer present.

Top photo courtesy of the Museum of the City of New York


  1. What is a shame is the historic brownstone on the southwest of Convent and west 145th is boarded up. Its been vacant forever. Why can't the city or the owner renovate this. Its in a historic area! The should be forced to sell or is it owned by a church? Ugh.

    Do we know why this brownstone is abandoned and boarded up?

  2. It's owned by the church across the street. Not only are they defacing the neighborhood by building that horrible addition, but they own several blighted properties in the neighborhood, including this one, and don't do anything to fix them. Thanks, Convent Avenue Baptist Church.

  3. What a shame. You'd think they would want to sell and use the money toward maintaining their property.