Thursday, January 3, 2013

☞ REMEMBER: Lenox Lounge circa 2001

Artist Raymond Sicignano rendered portraits of notable Harlem storefronts just over a decade ago and the above rendition is that of Lenox Lounge back in 2001.  The artist captured a handful of local spots in his works and Lenox Lounge was one of the last ones still standing.  Check out the full gallery of storefronts that have disappeared on Mr. Sicignano site: LINK

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  1. Very nice artwork and a sad reminder of what has been lost. On a positive note, the new establishments of upper Lenox restaurant row retain a unique Harlem character that has proven successful, I hope that tend continues. Mr. Notar has stated he is willing to do that with his new incarnation of the Lenox Lounge.