Wednesday, February 20, 2013

☞ REMEMBER: The Time Magazine Harlem Cover

In July of 1964 Harlem made the cover of Time magazine because of all the social issues happening uptown.  With the neighborhood declining and many folks leaving Harlem in the decades after the Depression years, there was not a lot of positive things to note about the iconic section of north Manhattan.  Today, the opposite is happening with the restoration of historic blocks and the return of the middle class so maybe Harlem will make a national cover for other reasons if there ever were a followup story.

Image courtesy of Time Magazine


  1. This image could have been from the 1970s 1980s, 1990s and into 2000.

  2. The Time cover for the new Harlem could be a typical event hosted by the Mount Morris Park Community Improvement Association, attended by people of means and mixed race with a backdrop of a beautifully restored brownstone street. Compared to the Time cover of July 1964, what a contrasting image that would be.