Wednesday, July 24, 2013

☞ DWELL: Harlem Record Selling Townhouses

The average townhouse is in Harlem is still going for around $1.5 million but some of the standouts have broken the barrier in the past few years.  A combination of great renovations with historic details, impressive locations on charming blocks and proximity to better retail or restaurants along with transportation options have made these homes particularly attractive to the high end buyer.

CENTRAL HARLEM - No. 2036 Fifth Avenue for $4 million.  We expect this 2013 sale to be the record for some time and the large house has one more additional level than most brownstones: LINK

SOUTH HARLEM - No. 357 West 121st Street at $3 million.  At 16 foot in width, this house makes up for lack of space by being on a great block close to everything in the desirable South Harlem corridor.  The little charmer sold last year: LINK

WEST HARLEM - No. 329 Convent Avenue for $2.3 Million.  This historic district house broke the $2 million range back in 2011: LINK

EAST HARLEM - No. 2087 Fifth Avenue at $2.075 million.  Technically in East Harlem, this centrally located 2011 record breaker was owned by an architect with an appreciation for historic restoration: LINK

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  1. The message is clear to brownstoners, if your architect or contractor proposes a gut renovation, the real value of your brownstone will be tossed into the dumpster. Try to find an architect or contractor who can keep those architectural details.