Tuesday, July 16, 2013

☞ REVIVE: 125th Street Viaduct Steps Restored

We are not sure how long the derelict steps by the 125th Street Viaduct had been closed off to the public but now they appear to have been restored.  This area by the West Side Piers in Manhattanville use to be gated off and had only crumbling stairs on the site.  Everything is now brand new and tired pedestrians can often be seen taking a seat and enjoying the view below.


  1. The whole Hudson Riverside park land is a special part of Manhattan, especially this time of year benefiting from the natural breeze from the Hudson river, nice photo.

  2. Yes, Great ...I hope they will do the same up at the 155th Bridge and Jackie Robinson Park. Needs some TLC as well !!

  3. If they could do that around Marcus Garvey !!!