Wednesday, August 21, 2013

☞ DWELL: 123 West 118th Street has Sold

It took about a year but the 20-foot-wide Mount Morris Park townhouse at 123 West 118th Street has finally sold as of this past week.  Almost everything seems to be intact in the roughly 5,000-square-foot, 3-family home but it appears it all needs to have a few updates.

There is quite a bit of work that needs to be done here for the asking price of $2.695 million but we would not do a gut renovation since so much original details still exist (that bathroom maybe just needs a more historically accurate marble hex tile floor and maybe some re-glazing).  The Mount Morris Historic District is one of the best neighborhoods in Harlem when it comes to architecture, shop proximity and express transportation and closing numbers have been pretty much to the asking prices as of late. More details on Streeteasy: LINK

1 comment:

  1. gut?? to use that word in any shape in reference to Mr. B's house is just wrong. For years he has graciously opened his parlour floor to host the 118th street block holiday party. The details in his house are stunning. all set of pocket doors, all fireplaces with mantles, a lovely garden in the back. This house is totally move in ready.

    Use the word GUT when talking about the shells at 107 and 120 on this block, but not this house. We are sorry to see such a great neighbor sell and leave the block..