Tuesday, October 8, 2013

☞ BESPOKE: Trending Harlem Hex Tiles

We are a big fan of historically accurate hex tiles for any Harlem renovation and it appears that some of the local restaurants that have opened this year have the same sentiment.  Cafes or bars in the early 1900s usually installed white hex tiles with the name of the establishment spelled out somewhere near the entrance area and a new modern variation of this theme can be found at a couple of Harlem eateries.

Vinateria on FDB and 119th Street first started the trend this spring with the black modern update using black grout lines and white tiles for the lettering.  Mountain Bird just opened last month on 145th Street by FDB and also used the same color hex tiles but with white grout lines.  Even though this floor finishing gives a nod to the past, the dark color adds a modern element to the overall look and is really directional for the neighborhoods new businesses.

As far as white tiles go,  few Bespoke readers have pointed out that Harlem Shake also has this detail on their floors.  This new burger joint at the corner of 124th Street also has their monogram initials spelled out at the corner tiles greeting folks at the entrance way.


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    1. Can we add the Harlem Shake tile work

  2. Thanks for adding Harlem Shake tile work, I like a tile edge border, evocative of a floor rug.

  3. anyone know the contractor here? I'd like to redo the lobby of my building.