Tuesday, December 10, 2013

☞ PETITION: Bike Lanes for Morningside Avenue

A local group is trying to have bike lanes implemented along Morningside Park and have started a petition to convince the local community boards to support the efforts.  The goal is to receive 1,000 signatures so those who want safer streets for bike riders in Harlem should go to Change.org and support the cause: LINK


  1. Although I'm very pro bike lane all over NYC, Morningside Ave seems particularly difficult. Is it just me, or does it seem a bit difficult to navigate by car already? Even thought I saw the proposal, it just seems pretty narrow already, especially with cars and buses coming in both directions. But you know what, if they can make it work, then I'd be thrilled.

  2. This is actually a perfect extension from the bike lane on St. Nicholas Avenue that runs from 125th up to Washington Heights. Currently, the bike lane running south ends, and takes an eastern turn where multiple obstacles occur. Would love the bike to run from 125th to 110th, where bicyclists can continue all the way downtown on the Columbus Ave bike lanes. Sign the petition!

  3. I ride Morningside regularly. The avenue narrows south of 116 to 110. Also, there's double parking galore around 123. That said, if it can work in front of Patsy's (virulently anti bike lane) it can certainly work along Morningside.