Monday, December 23, 2013

☞ REVIVE: Cathedral Additions at 92 Morningside

We have been wondering what the new design of 92 Morningside would look like since it has been under scaffolding for most of the year and we got the answer this weekend.   A design rendering has now been posted on the sidewalk shed of the future rental building on 122nd Street which shows the penthouse additions with the reported cathedral ceilings.  This distinct building facing Morningside Park  has been a shell for a decade and thus we are happy that the renovations are under way even though we would have liked a more traditional update that would haver restored the lost cornice.


  1. I will not write what I think. This blog requires and deserves a reasonable degree of decorum. I'll just say I'm not impressed - and not surprised.

  2. Well, at least it's different. Enough of the all concrete and glass.

  3. Is the left part, those two squares, glass?