Monday, December 23, 2013

☞ SHOP: What's Up with Tonnie's Minis?

A few Bespoke readers observed that Tonnie's Minnies on Lenox by 123rd Street has definitely been shuttered for the past couple of weeks. There has not been any signage posted on the situation so many are wondering if the cupcake shop had closed. Does anyone know the details?


  1. I did see a sign stating they would be closed for a period in Dec

  2. I feel like I heard that also, either from a neighbor or from someone in a restaurant. Sloppy not to do something professional though! Just shutting it down is kind of clumsy.

  3. This comment arrived to our inbox: Fyi, I called to order a cake last week and they said I'd have to pick it up from their Bronx location, as their Harlem store is undergoing renovations.