Friday, January 3, 2014

☞ ARCHITECTURE: 92 Morningside Revisited

We posted a rendering of 92 Morningside that was up on the construction site a couple of weeks back but now it turns out that a new revised rendering has been sent to our in box. Our observation that restoring the cornice line and then adding a less complicated penthouse on the roof would be a better fit seem to have been on point.  This future luxury building facing Morningside Park at 122nd Street  originally had a very obtrusive cathedral design on the top floor which would probably have cost more to build but was somehow overly incongruous to the structure: LINK


  1. I pass this(or used to) frequently on the M102 and wondered when it was going to be fixed up. There were people who lived at the bottom while the top was all boarded up and I always thought that was strange, considering this is facing a park.

  2. This will be a rental building, correct?