Friday, January 31, 2014

☞ READ: The West Village of Harlem in WSJ

Our Number One Harlem neighborhood for 2013 has a big article in the Wall Street Journal today with one of our quotes.  The Mount Morris Park Historic District is basically the West Village of Harlem with house proud local residents fighting to preserve the architecture since the late 60s.  When the city tried to incorporate drug clinics on the handsome distric just below 125th Street, the influential block association also prevented that from happening. Now even more dramatic change is at hand with Whole Foods arriving in a year or so and that has many worrying that Harlem will lose much of its cultural heritage from the past 80 years: LINK

For the Harlem Bespoke ranking of Mount Morris Park, check out our past post: LINK


  1. Nice article. Harlem is far from a secret. When you think about it. There is no area in the US that has maintained it's historical, architectural and cultural history as Harlem has! Kudos to everyone who has worked tireless to preserve and better Harlem. As a resident I am proud to live in such am important place and now remarkably fun and cool place!

  2. Ditto to what Jim said. Proud to live in such a wonderful and vibrant neighborhood.